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SmartPayments offers to our merchants the ability to make payouts on credit card in time and promptly. Our service of payouts on all cards – is the best instrument for:

– Forex Brokers, Binary Options and trading platforms, which face with problems, connected with payouts for their clients;

– big companies, which are trying to leave an old system of wages in envelopes;

– organisations, private entrepreneurs and individuals, who work in free-lance industry – with remote workers.

SmartPayments does not limit customers range: one-time payouts are as possible as recurring payouts, on a variety of cards.

Why are we the best?

Our service is full automatically organised, like clockwork, protects all sides of the transaction and guarantees data safety. In detail, there are minimum five reasons to choose SmartPayments.

1. Merchants are able to make payouts on any card and it doesn’t matter if a deposit was made from it.

2. The payment execution instantly.

3. The transactions carried out via a secure channel.

4. SmartPayments uses only examined, repeatedly proved technologies of data protection (256 bit encryption)

5. You will get back office to perform the operations.

Besides the merchant-service SmartPayments offers our partners to work with our salary project. An operating principle is quite simple – you manage with a remote employees, or with office workers, almost all of them are willing to receive their salary on a bank cards, after contact us you receive from a backoffice with your account, on which their funds can be wire transferred.

That’s all – then you, or your accounant makes arrangements according to inner conditions of labor remuneration.

Only three things we need from a partner-company for activation of salary payout service: inform us about your wish, provide us with package of necessary documentation and sign agreements. Other actions would be done by SmartPayments. You will get simple and convenient service of salary payout. Everybody wins, including cardholders – the safest place to carry funds is a card account.