Information about our Partners

We are constantly developing our companies in direction of partnership. Our partner programs provide a variety of opportunities that are designed specifically for every business, because SmartPayments has individual approach to every client. We have extensive experience in credit card processing, so we know how to make cooperation mutually beneficial.

The payment service provider SmartPayments rewards customers who want to cooperate. It may be credit card affiliate programmes, fees reduction, priority support, special bonus packages with attractive offers etc. Our partners have a strategic advantage over their competitors with good business prospects and possibilities to increase the customer base through a wide range of accepted payments types.

SmartPayments welcomes any type of cooperation with commercial and technical partners and resellers. It can be acquirers, payment processing companies and other types of partners who can help us to make our payment solutions even better. We want to be sure that our clients accept card payments online with the best quality of support in merchant services industry.

Advantages of cooperation with SmartPayments

– Already established working partnership with wide network of acquiring partners. Join this network and start receiving profits from working with us!

– Combined together efforts, experience and teamwork allow both partners to strengthen;

– Possibility to exchange experience in working with particular clients and in specific industries;

– Partnership with SmartPayments gives possibility to start working with new industries.

Only by making few steps valuable benefits could be Yours too.

Besides this, SmartPayments holds out the hand of comradeship to its clients. In case of cooperation customers are guaranteed to get a special reward. Proposition suggests credit card affiliate programs, fee reductions, priority support, special bonus packages with attractive offers etc.

Why SmartPayments?

SmartPayments partners are ones, who has made a step towards effective business development. To co-work with SmartPayments team a lot of reasons could be mentioned, involving:

– fair financial conditions for partnership;

– timely commission payouts;

– business relations with acquiring banks around the world;

– constantly expanding network of partnership;

– wide range of accessible industries;

– wide list of processing and settlement currencies;

– high approval ratio.

What are prerequisites of the partnership?

In order to let its partners earn more profit with each client, SmartPayments offers special exclusive program, so-called individual cooperation program.

All, that is required, is signing a partnership agreement and providing SmartPayments with potential clients. After clients change status from potential to current, partners obtain a reward.

As well as beneficial advantages SmartPayments partners gain a significant strategic superiority among their competitors, business prosperity and the possibility to increase a customer base through a wide range of accepted payment types.

Joint effort is the right track to enhance business and to satisfy all needs of both sides.

Become a partner of SmartPayments today!